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The processes adopted by Moschetti aim to adaptation to the demands of food and industrial markets. Aware of the responsibility with the quality of its products and the principles of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), the company invests in resources such as pest control, structure easy to clean,and use of approved supplies and consolidation of reports focused on the requirements of the customers.Throughout its history the company presents a performance worthy of recognition through many awards consolidating the tradition of making paper bags with quality recognized throughout its market.



The Flexo Quality Award carried out by the Brazilian Technical Association of Flexography is the most important award in the flexographic industry. It was created in 1993 and takes place every year, bringing together the best packaging and labeling works in Brazil. Since the creation of the event, Moschetti has stood out frequently as one of the big winners.


- Flexo Quality - ABFLEXO/FTA Brazil: Recognition granted through international technical competitions.


- Grand Prix Cyrel: Latin American International technicians round competition promoted by Dupont Company.

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